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Astronomy is a visual experience while space exploration is one birthed by the curiosities of the most bewildering proportions. The combination of these with a dash of creative expressionism gives birth to an endless possibility of artistic visions. These visions range from the dazzling composite imagery of the night sky; to the high exposure stills of the lights of a bustling city at night; to the endless possibilities of sci-fi fantasy sketched out in the most awesome of designs.

We would like to inculcate this creative side within our members and to help develop, as well as showcase, the existing talents of those who already possess these marvelous skills through our addition to the blog, the *Visual Media Archive* by offering the space for categories such as:

  • Astrophotography,
  • Night photography, and
  • Space art and graphics.

With workshops, competitions, and many exciting things to look forward to here, all you have to do to submit your creative work to the Visual Media Archive is fill out the form mentioned here!

So get out your cameras, dab those paintbrushes and start exploring the expressions of the infinite cosmos, the creative way!


The starry skies have always been a dazzling gem, dangling on a string that all of us have wanted to hold to. Be it the wonder of the images captured by massive observatories in publications everywhere, or the simple view through a telescopic lens, astrophotography is a field that many want to dabble in, as a hobby, or for a more serious purpose. Here’s a chance for all of you to not only showcase your talents in astrophotography, but also to gain inspiration, and grow the skills you possess.

Night Photography

Electricity surges through the streets below the cloudy night skies, while roads shine in the bask of moonlight. A great deal of skill is needed to add a poetic flair to the darkness in the night. It takes even greater skill to capture these moments through a lens. Exposures set high to capture trailing lights and apertures manipulated to play with the shadows, join in to shine a light on to the wonder of night photography with us!

Space Artworks

Imagination and curiosity are two states that go hand in hand. The scientific and the artistic stem out in mixed ratios of these two states, leading to a spectrum ranging from science fiction to science fact. Hidden within each of you, is a creative soul that is looking to find a place in this spectrum, a stroke of genius in between colorful expressions. Here’s for all enthusiasts of space artworks, and an invitation for everyone to pick up a brush, and paint out the boundless thoughts of imagination that you may come across!


World Space Week 2021 is an event that is held throughout the globe and joins participants of all ages and nations together, opening up a whole plethora of opportunities to boost awareness and knowledge, as well as to shine new lights of motivation to the journeys of every mind. With this thought, “World Space Week in Sri Lanka, 2021” was held as a series of events organized by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) University of Colombo Chapter (SEDS UOC), in collaboration with the SEDS Sri Lanka body.

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