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One Giant Leap for Womankind: the First All-Female Spacewalk

On the 18th of October 2019, two years back from today, NASA was able to reach a significant milestone in space history. It is when two American astronauts tasked with replacing a power controller ventured out of the International Space Station, becoming the first to take part in an all-female spacewalk. Glowing against the blackness […]

Harvard Computers: Unsung Pioneers of Modern Astronomy

Before electronic computers were originated, the word “computers” referred to the “ones who compute”, the person who performed and processed the tedious calculations, typically the females. Teams of women performed the onerous task of transcribing raw data into analyzed and verified records. The “Harvard computers” were a group of remarkable women who operated astronomical data […]

Hidden Figures: Not Hidden Anymore

Nominated for “Best Picture” in the 2017 Academy Awards (Oscars), “Hidden Figures” was a major box-office success in 2017. It is a screenplay by Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi based on the book of the same title by Margot Lee Shetterly. ‘Hidden Figures” is far from yet another mere title. It depicts three veiled components […]

Four Successful Women for the Hubble’s Success

From ancient Babylonians to Chinese to Greeks, the night sky was always a fascination to us humans. The curiosity caused by these moving and unmoving celestial objects remained untouched for centuries until Galileo Galilei invented the telescope and decided to have a closer look at them. Since then for many centuries, telescopes had been modified […]

“Where are we?”: An Answer from Margaret Geller and Vera Rubin

Where are we now, and where are we going? These are two questions that humans have been asking themselves for millennia. From philosophers to scientists, great minds throughout history have attempted to answer this question. However, with the advancement of modern science and astronomy, we might be able to answer this in a quite literal […]

The Pioneers: Firsts for Women and Women Who Were First

Humans have been flying in space since 1961. Up to the month of March 2021, 65 women have navigated in space, along with cosmonauts, astronauts, payload specialists, and space station participants. Here’s a look back at a number of such legendary women who achieved major “firsts” in space exploration. Women: In Space For the First […]

Margaret Hamilton, The Woman Who Landed Software on the Moon

On 20th July 2021, we commemorated the 52nd anniversary of the first-ever moon landing of mankind. On a day like that in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin marked the first human steps on the lunar surface, making the Apollo 11 mission a huge success, surpassing a huge milestone in the history of space exploration. […]

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