Month: June 2022

Constant Gardening On The Space Station

Many individuals enter their gardens at home for some mental therapy. It is conceivable that gardening may provide psychological advantages for astronauts. Space missions are stressful because the astronauts spend a lot of time in close quarters with one another. Apart from that, they are cut off from the outside world in addition to dealing […]

A Daring Feat Of Speculative Fiction – Neal Stephenson’s ANATHEM

“Welcome to a world that only Neal Stephenson could create: math as religion! Amidst a tumult of squabbling, consumerist societies stand a handful of monastic enclaves where logic and science are sacred. When the entire planet is threatened, order and chaos make very strange bedfellows. Anathem is a cerebral romp!” Hap Houlihan, The Morris Book […]

Growing Plants in Lunar Soil and Its Implications

The renewal of the human spirit for space exploration has many competitors, both government and private institutions, funding space programs, backed by the latest technology and innovation, with a vision to return humans to space and establish colonies on Moon and Mars. Agricultural innovation plays a major role in this regard. How far are we […]

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