“…with thousands of events globally, to inspire the next generation, and to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of women to the space sector…”

World Space Week 2021 is an event that is held throughout the globe and joins participants of all ages and nations together, opening up a whole plethora of opportunities to boost awareness and knowledge, as well as to shine new lights of motivation to the journeys of every mind. With this thought, “World Space Week in Sri Lanka, 2021” was held as a series of events organized by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) University of Colombo Chapter (SEDS UOC), in collaboration with the SEDS Sri Lanka body.

One of these events was a poster competition, open to ay member of SEDS Sri Lanka and it’s chapters to participate in. Here are the posters submitted to commemorate the theme, and the importance of World Space Week 2021…

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