Month: June 2021

6 Incredible Space Discoveries You Could Have Missed in 2020

Medical breakthroughs dominated the news in 2020, but astronomers continued to work even in the face of a pandemic. They scoured radio waves for strange signals, identified new galaxies, and even determined which alien star systems may be able to detect Earth. Here are some of these mind-blowing discoveries. 01. Emissions of radio waves from […]

Of “Interstellar”: A Marvel of Space Travel

Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar,“ the smart sentimentalism which opened in theatres across the United States, delves into black holes, wormholes, and space travel, apparently taking scientific concepts seriously. Most renowned theoretical physicist Kip Thorne acting as an adviser and executive producer on “Interstellar” has brought to light a story that has not been experienced cinematically before. “Interstellar,” being […]

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