Author: Dasith Tilakaratna

Through the Eye of Hubble: Infinitely Wondrous

On a quest to perform groundbreaking observations, and provide data for numerous more groundbreaking discoveries, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) set out in the spring of 1990. Over 1,000,000 observations, over 18,000 papers published based on data from the HST, and 6 service missions later; the Hubble still orbits above us, its 3rd decade of […]

Mapping a High-Energy Universe: Compton Gamma Ray Observatory

On a quest to find out the mysteries of the observable universe, we needed to redefine the word “observable”. With the development of the electromagnetic spectrum, we realized that to the human eye only a very small range of light is actually visible. This realization led the way to the need and supply of instruments […]

Expanding Horizons: From Spiral Nebulae to Galaxies

Astronomy and Cosmology have for a long time, been one of the most debated realms of science. Observations paved the way to theories and arguments through the origins of the universe, up to the classification of stars. Until a not-so-distant past, galaxies such as “Andromeda” were simply termed nebulas. With the existence of other galaxies […]

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