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Oftentimes, we find ourselves lost in thoughts, whether it is in a moment of peace or one of turmoil. Sometimes, we tend to express the thoughts racing in our minds. Be it in the form of words, or by action. But rare a time comes when we pick up a pen or start typing and create something from those thoughts. As intelligent beings, we possess the capability and the capacity to make rarities, possibilities. As empathetic beings, we show the creativity of sharing the emotions we feel during those thoughtful moments; maybe as a tune that engulfs a feeling, or possibly a story that depicts an expression. Or maybe, even as a blog filled with a myriad of colorful writings.

With the great cosmos around us, ever-expanding and never ceasing to amaze, rarely a dull moment passes by. From the warm moments of looking up at the stars with the person you love, to the mulling perspective of how we really are seemingly insignificant specks in time and space. Be it the awe-inspiring and imaginative moments of the musings of a sci-fi writer, or the rush and thrill of a conspiracy playing across the universe. Or maybe, it is the hard and long hours of research and scientific findings, or the simple astronomer at home sighting the constellations above.

Palmer: What are you studying up there?
Eleanor: Oh, the usual. Nebulae, quasars, pulsars, stuff like that. What are you writing?
Palmer: The usual. Nouns, adverbs, adjectives here and there.

Maththew McConaughey as Palmer Joss and Jodie Foster as Eleanor Rossway in “Contact” (1997)


All of these thoughts and moments, are ready to be expressed, and shared with you all here, with the official blog of the SEDS chapter of the University of Colombo. Starting off with humble beginnings, we hope to bring to you a collection of writing that not only fuels your reading habits but also shifts your gears as a writer.

The SEDS UOC Blog will start its momentum comprising of three major categories. The first will be detailing the variety of events that our chapter will be hosting, as well as participating in. Bringing to you all the latest discoveries in the field of space exploration and development is another aspect that will be shown here. In accordance with this, it is an important point that we as students have much to learn about the intricacies of this field. The scientific writing category is here to help you learn and understand the basics of the field of space exploration and nurture curiosity in your minds.

Finally, we all love talking about space. Whether it is as a movie with alien races and technological advancements way into the future, or as a song about the starry skies. It can be the complex writing of a sci-fi novel or even the plot of your favorite TV series. In the popular media, we find ourselves with a space to write about these topics of interest and wonderment.

Come One, Come All…

This is to all of you writers out there; Don’t let the gravitational pull weigh your thoughts down! Keep thinking and keep writing. Consisting of a team of content writers, as well as a large membership throughout the university, here is an invitation for all of you to express your thoughts through our blog. We are here to help you overcome any gravity holding you back, and to express yourselves. And when you do so, it takes a simple step of mailing in your blog article to [email protected] for us to publish it, and let your thoughts be shared among everyone.

So let those starry thoughts spill out in supernovas and resonate like pulsars! Join us, the official blog of SEDS UOC!

– Editor’s Note

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